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Phase Two.

Seminary Campus

Academy buildings

Spacious Women's Prayer Hall

Reference Library


Technology Resource Center

Fitness Centers


Extended Parking

Banquet Hall

Why build a Seminary Campus?

By the grace of Allah ﷻ, DarusSalam Seminary has grown tremendously since we opened our doors. On a daily basis, the Seminary offers seven programs of study with over 300 students, 32 part-time and full-time instructors, and over 355 hours of classroom instruction per week. While we thank Allah ﷻ for all of His blessings, we face a very real and pressing problem; as enrollment in our Seminary increases, we simply do not have the space to accommodate our growing student body.

Despite being home to all of these classes, DarusSalam currently has only three dedicated classrooms. Anyone who visits during school hours will notice that the classes are crammed into every corner of the masjid, from the high school and fiqh classes which are taught in the main lobby, to the three hifz classes which are taught in the prayer hall. What may not be immediately obvious are the classes which are held in the storage room, pantry, library, and even the funeral preparation room, which also serves as the sisters’ office. Not everyone sees the brothers’ hallway being used as a computer lab, or the sisters’ hallway being used as a dining hall.

The Solution

Room for everyone.

DarusSalam is prepared to enter its second phase: a Seminary Campus which will be home to future American-Muslim leaders for generations to come, inshaAllah. This campus will feature over 20 new classrooms, a sisters’ prayer sanctuary, a gymnasium, a community banquet hall, a research library and much more.

The Campus

A facility fit to nurture future leaders.

The new 65,000 square feet seminary building will continue with the existing mosque’s traditional Ottoman architectural style. With the use of similar cast stone exterior and arches, the new seminary connects to the existing masjid creating an outdoor courtyard centered around a fountain where students and attendees can relax and rejuvenate.

Classrooms for all

Twenty-one new classrooms with state-of-the-art educational equipment.


A code-compliant kindergarten with a designated outdoor playground.

Research Library

A sunlight-filled research library with 23,000 book capacity, a computer lab, artifact gallery, and a lounge area.

Women's Prayer Sanctuary

Ample space for our exclusive sisters' programs.

The large, octagonal-shaped domed hall will comfortably accommodate 300 attendees. It will include an attached childcare room separated by a soundproof glass wall providing a full view of the hall.

Gymnasium & Community Center

A space to serve the youth and community at large.

 A 6,600 square foot NCAA regulation size gymnasium will provide opportunities for students and community members to play basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, badminton, and more. It will also provide space for prayer overflow and large indoor events.

Fitness Centers

The center will feature two separate fitness centers for men and women with state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

Banquet Hall

A 5,640 square feet dining facility will have the capacity to seat 500 people and can be rented out as a banquet hall for community events, generating funds for the Masjid.

This project is nearly complete.

Support the construction while you still can and earn the reward for every letter that will be taught here.

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